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Book: Enjoying Web Development with Tapestry

Kent Tong has a very didactic way of explaining the Tapestry framework. He explains the fundamental aspects behind the framework from a general point of view, and then provides very consistent and precise examples.

In his book, Kent Tong shows first the Tapestry framework and its way of doing things. Then he explains how to integrate the framework with others, like Hibernate or HtmlUnit. Thus, with this book, one can approach web design in all its aspects, which is fairly important. The interest of Kent Tong examples are such that I’ve used them in different contexts than Tapestry. Indeed, he explains both the details of the implementation as well as the impacts, all being done with clarity and precision.

Important to notice as well, Kent Tong has regularly provided updates or corrections of his book. For example, when I bought the book, only Tapestry 4.0 was covered. Then Tapestry 4.1 appeared. Short after, Kent Tong provided an updated version of his book covering Tapestry 4.1 (which introduces some fairly important changes).

Finally, personally, it’s the best framework introduction book I’ve read until now.

NB : Just a last notice : eventually, I didn’t retain Tapestry.
More details on Agile Skills.
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