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Book review : Learning JQuery

I recently read Learning JQuery, the version of 2007. I was reading it as a casual reader, just to get a better hand on JQuery.

My feeling about it is the following : it seems good at providing technical details but fails at « empowering » the reader and providing the big picture. I say « it seems » because I had difficulties to keep reading it, since I didn’t feel it attractive. So I’ve finished it through « scanning »… From an avid reader like me, that’s really an unusual move. Furthermore, I didn’t find advices/best practices about plugin usage and integration, which I was especially looking for.

Conclusion : grab it only if you’re an avid javascript developer willing to develop plugins and not afraid of connecting the chapters together yourself…

Ps : With further use of JQuery and hence of this book, I now realize that its index is very poor 😦

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