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Web watch !

In my previous blog I used to sometimes post links I found useful/interesting/which I could want to look again in the future. I hope noone minds this practice since I’m going to strike again… At worst, let me know :$

Anyway, here we are :

  • Google Chrome is the New Firefox, and Firefox the new IE : a blog entry which kind of reflect what we have experienced when testing on chrome (vs developing on Firefox) => it was amazingly fast, making one wonder…
  • Stephen Colebourne’s Weblog : Stephen is big into following JCP internal as well as high level Java politics. I’m pretty glad he does because I’m very much interested (and concerned) by them, even if I wouldn’t be able to handle it on my own (I’m not used to read JCP meetings’ notes !).
  • Browsers shot : to check how pages are rendered on various browsers. Or to check that your company website is still accessible from the outside 🙂
  • Let’s talk about cheat sheets :
    • jQuery cheat sheet: can always be handy
    • dzone ref cards : free downloadable pdf on many topics. The pdfs are often written by the « big guys » of the field, like Mike Keith for JPA. Next on my TODO list : read the css 3 pdfs 🙂
    • List of cheat sheets : a bit of everything, but might prove useful one day 😉
  • Shared list of Olivier’s web gems, which actually are, like the css books he has highlighted (for example the Smashing book and website).
  • Shamelessly stolen from Olivier (gniark !), this infoq presentation on facebook software stack is interesting, esp. the bits about php’s drawbacks of being slow and stateless. Time to move to Java/Scala olivier ?

I hope you liked this quick links list, please feel free to contribute !


Étiquettes :
  1. août 9, 2009 à 7:06

    Nice to see you appreciating my shared list.

    Java?! no thank’s I love my LAMP plateform…. and it’s not the language but the programmer that’s make a good application 🙂

  2. Joseph Pachod
    août 9, 2009 à 8:55


    I knew it 😉

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