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Book review : Maven: The Definitive Guide

I’ve recently finished Maven: The Definitive Guide. It was the paper edition, since I muss confess I didn’t manage to go through the pdf edition.

Still, I found the book rather interesting and quite well put. It’s not as enlightening and breath cutting as some others, but at least I was able to read it without effort. Some bits, for example where each setup options are presented, are a bit boring, but otherwise it provides good insight on most of Maven, including m2eclipse and plugin creation. Furthermore, there are pages I already know I’ll read again later, like the example projects they provide and the different strategies used there, to make more sense out of them (now that I’ve a better overall understanding).

I would do only one reproach : the explanation about how maven resolves dependencies lacks depth, notably regarding snapshots.

Overall, I would advise it for an average user of Maven willing to get a better understanding of it (I now know where this « mojo » word comes from !).

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