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Wanted : book/resources on Java certifications !

I’m currently looking seriously at some Java certifications. As such, Uwe kindly gave me lots of Java certification books, but they are about Java 1.2 (whaou, prehistory 😉 ) and 1.4.

Since Java 5 introduced quite some new stuff, extra resources/books would be welcome, as such feel free to comment. I’ll as well update this post with my own findings, even if I already have enough to learn with all these funky bit operators and the like… Funny how little I saw them used BTW… « Wondering about the use case am I ! » (yes I played Stars War Lego recently 🙂 )


EDIT : For some mock tests, Javaranch is the way to go, as they provide some lists of mock test sites.
For books, uwe sent me this very usefull link (thanks by the way !): Javabooks timeline. But in the end, I settled for SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065 which I didn’t find in the Javabooks site.

Anyway, I’m eager to get the book, since certification looks like more useful than I previously thought, in terms of Java mastering and understanding. It really helps to go deeper into it.

EDIT – follow up some interesting links for certifications wanna be :
JavaRanch SCJP faq
Java keywords… special mention for true, false and null !
regex quantifiers…
explanations on the String pool

Digging in !
++ (re)

EDIT : this quest is now over. Thanks all 🙂

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  1. Uwe Schaefer
    septembre 13, 2009 à 11:23

    about Java 1.2 (whaou, prehistory 😉 )

    ahh… these kids… ;-P

  2. septembre 22, 2009 à 8:05


    Just added the book you were missing:
    Thanks for the tip.

    Maybe you’ll post a review after you read it!


  3. Joseph Pachod
    septembre 23, 2009 à 8:07

    You’re welcome ! 🙂

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