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Book: Scrum and Xp from the Trenches

At work, we’re currently reviewing our Agile process. So I thought it was a nice occasion to read again Scrum and Xp from the trenches, esp. since we have a paper edition of it.

Simply put, this book is why I started to be so much interested in Agile software development : the process it described is really compelling. The author hardly presents what is an Agile process (from a theoretical point of view), rather it dives immediately on how they did it. Still, he provides the different choices they faced and explains why they went for such or such solutions, all in order to accomplish the various “agile steps” which are to be done. It really enlightens the reader, helping to grasp properly what it’s all about. Furthermore, it gives ground to the author’s claim that it’s just how they did it : one gets easily that’s adaptation is the key, that Agility is not a stone graved process. This helps to consider it’s own environment with a fresh eye.

At the end of the book, I had the feeling I had a proper overview of the whole process, on how these teams worked. Added to the explanations on why they choose such solutions, it makes it all reasonable, sound and efficient. Attractive and, hosnestly, a real breakthrough compared to all these RUP, ITIL and others crappy acronyms. What else could we expect from a process ? It actually seemed like helping and being efficient ! Crazy ! The only question I had left was “when can I start ?” (which is part of the reason I moved to Thomas Daily by the way lol).

In retrospective, now that I’ve been working in a Agile shop for now 7 months, the book didn’t answer all the questions I had since. Furthermore, more theoretical books have helped me really grasp why such a process was working, that it was all about the empiric nature of each IT project. Still, when coming back to this book, it was once again compelling. Going through the experience and writing of Henrik Knibberg has helped me once again, spotting points where we didn’t get it all.

As such, I really advice this book (which comes as well as a free ebook, both having been updated since publication) for all people interested in getting Agile, how it works, what it provides or even to improve one’s own way of applying it. So don’t hesitate : read it !


Side note : Henrik speaks of other “from the trenches” stories in his book. I never found any, so if anyone knows some other, I’m interested !

More details on infoQ.
Review written first on codesmell.

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