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This blog has some history. Really 😉

In fact, I first started to blog some time in English, some time in French on a French only website, developpez.com. The blog is still available, and I haven’t taken everything back. But then, if French are reading a French website, the odds are high they aren’t too keen of English. Similarly, it wouldn’t be my first destination if I was an English looking for some blogs.

So, I switched to an English only blog, codesmell, shared with Uwe Schaefer. But then, I pretty soon wanted to blog stuff in French as well, because mostly because of some recurring questions on a French wicket forum (on developpez.com again) I’m taking part in.

In the end, it looked like having my own blog would resolve the issue. Thus, this blog is built around this will of English/French. While all tags will be in english, I’ll add an « en » or « fr » tag on each new post. Plus, when I post something in the two languages, I’ll put a link in each article to the other language’s version. I hope it’ll do. Any comment welcome 😉

If you came here to know more about me, well, here are a few links to help you in your endeavor:

  1. octobre 14, 2011 à 8:45

    You mention that Java driver for mongodb performs poorly, I was wondering if you have had the chance to try out later versions of the driver and if they have improved mcuh, if at all.

    • décembre 12, 2011 à 10:11

      Hi Chris

      I guess you’re refering to the Java Driver Issues paragraph of this entry. We didn’t dig more into it, since the references update issue of mongodb (see the « No join and relationships » part on the “Take it or leave it” technical choices page)finally lead us to an Event Driven Architecture, where in the end mongodb isn’t so central or even needed. So this digging into mongodb stopped there.

      However, following the link for the issue of compressing the wired protocol showed me no progress was done there, so…

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