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CloudBees talk at the ElsassJug

Yesterday night, Sacha Labourey came to the Elsass Jug to introduce CloudBees.

It was pretty nice to see Sacha IRL: he’s a very friendly and humble person (while being, for those not knowing him, creator and CEO of CloudBees after quite a career). It’s really easy and interesting to speak with him so go and get him whenever you need/can.

CloudBees specializes in using the clouds resources and tools for developing and running Java (web) applications (Platform As A Service way). It’s what they call their Dev@Cloud and Run@Cloud.

Having Koshuke among their staff, the whole stack is centered around Jenkins: if you use it, then you’ll be like at home. Actually, you’ll be most likely better than at home: their jenkins come with slaves running each job (infinite scaling FTW) as well as the usual plugins plus some on top from third parties.

Roughly put, it’s a nicely already set up Jenkins environment, with some goodies like remote console line tools or Eclipse plugins. To me it really felt like all the tools you wanted to use with Jenkins but already there and waiting for you (like having slaves running the jobs to avoid bottlenecks).

The Run@Cloud part is also interesting: basically, once your jenkins jobs are done, you can decide to promote some to production. They are then deployed to your web apps. The web apps location(s) are pretty flexible: they can either host them (if I got it right), put them in some well known hoisters or, in fact, any cloud (as long as openstack compatible). Actually, it’s not only about web apps, they can also handle DBs (mysql only AFAIK).

One option I wasn’t aware of is that the deployment part can also be building images (VSphere ones, so VMWare) and push these images wherever you want. In line with their concept, looks like they handle the OS and stack parts of these images: you just have to put in your WAR file and you’re done. Sweet isn’t it?

For sure, they’ve plenty of goodies not spoken of here: they can have webdav based maven repos (you can also rent on top some artifactory), the monitoring tools for the running apps look great (again, the fancy tools you heard of but never bothered to actually put in use are available here) and so forth.

To sum up, they really aim on doing the « devops » part of development, so developers can concentrate on… developing. Not too bad isn’t it? In terms of target, they have pay as you go pricing and others one for bigger users.

One example Sacha put forward to showcase the whole concept is Loose It. Loose It is a mobile/web app helping you to loose weight. The interesting part there is that they’re only 5 developers and they’re able to deliver 1.5 millions users and up to 20 000 transactions per minutes. All this without scaling issues and dedicated staff. Just 5 devs in the wild. Well, for sure, I guess they owe CloudBees some money, but obviously only a fraction of what it would have costed them to handle it all on their own.

My thought being put to words, I’m off 😉


Side note: in case you wonder why this post is in english, it’s pretty straightforward: I wanted this dear uwe to be able to be able to read it, since his company looks like the perfect fit for CloudBees and… I would be eager to have some first hand feedback. Nasty me? You bet 😉
BTW, thanks uwe for proof reading this post.

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