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Wanted : linux book

juillet 26, 2009 2 commentaires

In France, we say never two without three. And despite all the speech about « Alsaceness’, I feel like having to abide to the popular saying : I’ve been trying to find a « good » book on linux without much success.

Well, for sure, this time the task is hard… My requirements are quite shallow : getting a better understanding of its inner working/commons tools/server side tools. Well, kind of. The overall idea is to become more than the casual ubuntu user I’m. Easy, clearly, but I’m looking for a good book. You know, the enlightening, empowering and easy to grasp thingy. And I muss confess I really love books worth being read more than once (and not because the first read was not enough to grasp anything).

BTW, my references on the matter might well be « Effective Java ». Or « Don’t make me think ». More on it later 😉


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