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Programming in Scala quote for adiguba ;)

mars 24, 2011 2 commentaires

I thought he might like this bit, so, I’m quoting Neal Gafter foreword to the first edition:
« Since that time, we at Sun tried to simplify program development by extending the language with piecemeal solutions to particular problems, like for-each loop, enum, and autoboxing. Meanwhile, Martin continued his work on more powerful orthogonal language primitives that allow programmers to provide solutions in libraries. »

Nice isn’t it ?

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Wanted : book on Scala !

juillet 26, 2009 Laisser un commentaire

I’m currently running out of IT read : what will I do during my daily train commute ? 😉

More seriously, Scala is on my radar since quite some time, and obviously uwe starts to get serious about it as well… Any suggestion for a good book about it ?

Ideally, the kind of book I look for should be easy to grasp, enlightening and empowering… Simple no ?

Thanks in advance if anyone has some recommendations (either bad or good in the end, avoiding a bad book is always a good thing !).

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