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Wanted : book/resources on Java certifications !

septembre 12, 2009 3 commentaires

I’m currently looking seriously at some Java certifications. As such, Uwe kindly gave me lots of Java certification books, but they are about Java 1.2 (whaou, prehistory 😉 ) and 1.4.

Since Java 5 introduced quite some new stuff, extra resources/books would be welcome, as such feel free to comment. I’ll as well update this post with my own findings, even if I already have enough to learn with all these funky bit operators and the like… Funny how little I saw them used BTW… « Wondering about the use case am I ! » (yes I played Stars War Lego recently 🙂 )


EDIT : For some mock tests, Javaranch is the way to go, as they provide some lists of mock test sites.
For books, uwe sent me this very usefull link (thanks by the way !): Javabooks timeline. But in the end, I settled for SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065 which I didn’t find in the Javabooks site.

Anyway, I’m eager to get the book, since certification looks like more useful than I previously thought, in terms of Java mastering and understanding. It really helps to go deeper into it.

EDIT – follow up some interesting links for certifications wanna be :
JavaRanch SCJP faq
Java keywords… special mention for true, false and null !
regex quantifiers…
explanations on the String pool

Digging in !
++ (re)

EDIT : this quest is now over. Thanks all 🙂

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Wanted : linux book

juillet 26, 2009 2 commentaires

In France, we say never two without three. And despite all the speech about « Alsaceness’, I feel like having to abide to the popular saying : I’ve been trying to find a « good » book on linux without much success.

Well, for sure, this time the task is hard… My requirements are quite shallow : getting a better understanding of its inner working/commons tools/server side tools. Well, kind of. The overall idea is to become more than the casual ubuntu user I’m. Easy, clearly, but I’m looking for a good book. You know, the enlightening, empowering and easy to grasp thingy. And I muss confess I really love books worth being read more than once (and not because the first read was not enough to grasp anything).

BTW, my references on the matter might well be « Effective Java ». Or « Don’t make me think ». More on it later 😉


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Wanted : (good) book on css !

juillet 26, 2009 3 commentaires

While I’m on wanted books…And even if I’m not a css fan, this little cascading style sheets are just too powerful and used to be ignored.

Unfortunately, the book I’ve read on it wasn’t up to its expectations (more on it later I guess)…

Any pick anyone ?


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Wanted : book on Scala !

juillet 26, 2009 Laisser un commentaire

I’m currently running out of IT read : what will I do during my daily train commute ? 😉

More seriously, Scala is on my radar since quite some time, and obviously uwe starts to get serious about it as well… Any suggestion for a good book about it ?

Ideally, the kind of book I look for should be easy to grasp, enlightening and empowering… Simple no ?

Thanks in advance if anyone has some recommendations (either bad or good in the end, avoiding a bad book is always a good thing !).

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